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East Gwillimbury

Oak Ridges

  • The Humberlands **


  • By The Lake **
  • Simcoe Landing **


  • Trail of the Woods **
  • Bethesda Forest **
  • Cornell **


  • Edgehill park **

** Coming soon.

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 Ex Checker –G2 Road Tests Tips,Driving Assessment, Suspended Licence, Fear of Road test,
Previously failed G2 test

Let ex Checker help you overcome these hurdles and make it to the finish line with confidence. Let a former Ministry of Transportation Driver examiner assess your skills. We will provide honest,accurate and affordable insight into your ability to pass road test.  Also provide support and tools  to families and seniors to decide when to give up driving , for everyones safety.  Pass the G2 the first time. Call Ex Checker  905-751-7707905-751-7707

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Looking for a Garmin 128 GPS (Marine) call : Gordon   289-802-3120


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