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A Family based business.

The concept for these sites was conceived in 2002 by Brandyn Miller , 23 years old. Brandyn was a self taught techie that came up with this concept for his Mother Suzanne Miller, a local realtor. She was looking for a unique, technology based way to connect and give back something of true value to the residents of the neighbourhoods that she worked in and who had supported her 15 year successful career as a realtor.

The first sites were introduced in late 2002 and early 2003 and servers were set up in the basement of their home with the sites written in Microsoft Front Page.

The sites introduced were an instant success with the residents of the neighbourhoods.

For the next 3 years these sites grew and Suzanne promoted them to the neighbourhoods and added the Residents postings, Brandyn did all the server and site maintenance.

During this time Brandyn, who had a severe congenital heart defect was finally put onto the transplant list for a Heart and Double lung transplant.
The sites were so successful and other neighbourhoods were asking to be developed. However that would grow the network to more than Suzanne could manage as one sponsor.

The plan became that this network would form the basis for a business for Brandyn with the opportunity for other sponsors from various area businesses to sponsor neighbourhoods, a home based business that he could manage as a triple transplant recipient. He was excited about this prospect and began to work towards that goal.

On May 16, 2005 Brandyn received the call that a new heart and lungs were a match. He went into his surgery with a happy outlook and full expectations for a successful future managing his new business.

May 17, 2005 during recovery, Brandyn lost his fight for a new life.

Brandyn had set up his network so well that these sites continued to run unassisted except for his Mom’s updating of residents posts for several years.

However, eventually Front page was no longer supported and servers were aging. Still they ran with minor assistance from some techie friends until late 2014.

A decision was made by Suzanne and Tiffany, Brandyn’s sister, that his dream should continue, even, if could not; and that the sites should be moved to an outside web facility and the process of growing the network through the use of sponsors should begin the fulfilling of Brandyn’s dream. As most often happens when a business is being developed , it was not as simple as was hoped. Before they could be successfully move the sites, the old servers crashed and what was retrieved just would not completely run on the new servers with updated software. A second decision had to be made.

It was either abandon the dream or rewrite the sites in an up to date mode, house them at a hosting location and in essence re introduce each neighbourhood. To do this someone had to learn a new computer skill. It was agreed that not only could they not let Brandyn’s dream die, the concept was his legacy to them and it was such a wonderful service for the Neighbourhoods, that it simply Must continue.

Mom took on the task of the learning curve with the help and support of the wonder staff at

The result is the re introduction of the original sites along with many others in 2016. We are proud of the depth of the content of our sites and hope the residents of each neighbourhood find it a benefit in their everyday, busy lives.

Introducing our Staff:

Brandyn Miller- Founder Brandyn Miller- April 20, 1979 – May 17, 2005
Brandyn was the visionary, who developed not only the concept for these sites, but the original sites, their launch and management.
Sadly Brandyn passed away during a long awaited Heart/Lung transplant before he could totally develop this business into the concept it is today.

Tiffany Miller- President Tiffany is a graduate of Humber Collage

Suzanne Miller- Development Suzanne is also a graduate of Humber College, she has been a successful realtor for 29 years, since 1987, she currently sells for Sutton Group Future in Newmarket. She has an established client base that allows her to pick and choose the amount of time spent on her real estate career and of course has spent much of the last year and a half working towards this current goal.

Gord Krull- Sales & Marketing Gord is Suzanne’s partner and he has a background that includes developing, owning and running a successful graphic arts business in the City of Toronto, past president of the Typographic association and an entrepreneur in the marketing field.

Jeff Goebel
Owner of – Jeff has been the catalyst for the new format of the sites, he manages the hosting, software management and directs the new development strategies

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It's Miller Time Suzanne Miller Sutton Group Real Estate

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